Greetje Penning (1973), visual artist, illustrator and poet, based in the Netherlands.

Wild earth / wild humanity
The creative and destructive ruggedness and power of nature on one hand and its vulnerability (through exposure to humankind and its industries) on the other, is one of the aspects that I explore in my work, as well as the human dependence upon the earth.
To what extent do the human aspects influence the landscape, and vice versa: how do the natural aspects affect people and communities?

Born and raised in a small fishing village on the coast, the sea has always played an important role in my life. My ancestors were fishermen, sea folk and crofters, but also artists. This legacy has had a big impact on me as a person and on my work. Nowadays I tell visual impressions and stories, by means of painting, photographs and various other media. I want to make visible the connections and interactions between the earth and human beings. I like to work with the raw natural materials I find when beachcombing the coasts of Northern Europe.

For commissions, collaborations and enquiries, contact me at info@greetjepenning.com

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